I am a 4th year PhD student in computational linguistics at Stony Brook University. My research is mostly focused in the area of formal language theory, and measuring the complexities of different parts of human language. 


These are some of the projects I am working on right now:


I received my Specialist (~MA) degree from Moscow State University, where I was working on syntax (Buryat negation, partitive constructions, etc.) I also was doing fieldwork in Turkic and Mongolian languages. It was fun! :)


Latest news:

  • May, 1. I defended my QP-2 "kist package: documentation"! [paper]
  • April, 10-14. I presented a poster "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Harmony Interactions" at the 41st GLOW conference (GLOW41)'s phonological workshop in Budapest. [poster]
  • April, 4. I presented an update on Python toolkit for subregular languages at IACS Research Day 2018. [slides]
  • January, 4-7. I presented the paper "Formal Restrictions On Multiple Tiers" at the 1st SCiL meeting in Salt Lake City. [poster]
  • December, 20.  Check out the paper on Formal Restrictions On Multiple Tiers by Sanket Deshmukh and me that has appeared in SCiL proceedings.

Photo by Elena Karvovskaya



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