I am currently a second year PhD student in linguistics at Stony Brook University, where I work with my advisor Thomas Graf. My main interest is computational linguistics, especially exploring complexity of natural language (for now, morphology and phonology), modeling of morphosyntactic parameters and determining the distances between languages (computational typology).


I hold Specialist (approx. MA) degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University, where I was doing fieldwork in Turkic (Tatar, Balkar) and Mongolian (Buryat) languages and investigated several syntactic topics, such as nominal quantifiers in Russian, possessive constructions in Balkar or negative constructions in Buryat.


Latest news:


  • October, 20: I gave a Ling-Lunch talk at MIT: Morphotactics and phonology as subregular languages. [slides]
  • September, 24: Thomas Graf, Sedigheh Moradi and I are at the 10th NECPhon in UMass Amherst. I presented our research on Tier-Based Strict Locality in Phonology and Morphology. [slides]
  • August, 21: Thomas Graf, Aniello De Santo and I are at the 21st Conference on Formal Grammar in Bolzano. Thomas presented our paper A Single Movement Normal Form for Minimalist Grammars. [slides]

Photo by Elena Karvovskaya


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